The Best (and Worst)

The best parts about each other
are the things we’re not supposed to be;
soft and squishy skin, hungry at midnight,
sneaking into the second movie and
laughing in Church

The best part is that
crook in your neck I’m sure
you’ve never seen
(your own heartbeat
you’ve never heard)
Leaving the party early, getting drunk
on a Tuesday-
inappropriate jokes and
even worse timing

It’s staying up until 5 and,
(God help me),
it’s getting caught in the rain:
accidental adventure with detours
that become stories, and stories with strangers
who become legends

It’s being brokenhearted just
to find you there-
keeping secrets from friends, the way your hair
grows to one side
and your (crooked) smile has
crooked teeth

It’s the things that are yours and
no one else’s, that are mine now

The best things about each other are what
we’re notĀ supposed to be;
and that is us,
all over.


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