I found the bridge in Saint-Michel,
laden with lovers’ prayers,
that bears the weight of wishers-well
and ageing love affairs

I dropped your key over the side
and watched it sink into
the churning of the heavy tide,
and vanish in the blue

My eyes thought it the greater sin
to leave the glitt’ring bars,
so they clung to you within
that multitude of stars

But when I lost you in the throng
the spires began to knell,
and chimed my secret all along
the banks of Saint-Michel

It followed me along the lane
down to the underground,
and with the rattling of the train
it echoed all around

I clasped my key within my hand
as though I held your own,
and passing through the subway stand
I bore it heavy home-

knowing that my heartache slept,
secured by lock and key;
a smarting secret quiet kept
by silent Seine, and me.

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