Stanton PM

when silent nights in darkness dwell
beneath a moonless sky,
Night creatures crawl and oceans swell
to whisper, “I am I!” Continue reading “Stanton PM”


Going Under (Rev.)

IMG_3833Going under is
going through a tunnel, on a train:

darkness descends
outside the car doors,
and you can see your reflection in the window
for the first time;
a mirror.

When the rest of the world is
shut out by the inky blackness
of the underground,
you’re left looking
at yourself-

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The List


  1. They think Lee Harvey Oswald was trying to kill Governor Connally instead- did I ever show you the musical about this? It doesn’t have James Franco, though. Sorry.
  2. There’s an Ugly Christmas Sweater with the alphabet lights from Stranger Things; I also started liking it right after that episode. Probably should have mentioned it earlier.
  3. My cousin is a Surprise Republican, which my dad absolutely loves, even though he didn’t vote third party. I have to put a Cessation for Peace on political discussion in this house, however. For all of our sakes.
  4. I started making lists again, not parceling my words this time so much as putting them somewhere, anywhere, besides that little white box and pressing send.
  5. The things I’m trying not to say are building tally marks on the inside of my eyelids
  6. It’s so much worse to remember happiness, than to remember pain