Variations on a Theme

IMG_8358.jpegI have never known where
I am going less,
than at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday morning
staring at a pale face in a
pale sink mirror,
waiting for reluctance to
magically transform itself-
by power of necessity alone-
into happiness, for the day

I have never known where
I am going more,
than at midnight on a Friday morning
floating through a world that has
put off its daylight habits
to turn happily in darkness-
where the space between today
and tomorrow
is once again


In Defense of Getting Bored

Scan 129.jpgI’m a bad reader.

Like many other things I’ve accomplished in my life due purely to a desire to prove other people wrong, I learned how to read out of spite. To make a long childhood story short, I skipped the majority of 2nd grade thanks less to a belief in my academic abilities, and more to a surprisingly effective attitude that I would be ok because I had no other choice. Coming out of a Los Angeles hippie commune filled with celebrity children and teachers who believed I would do things when I “was ready”, I found myself in a summer school program designed to keep kids with working mothers occupied, unable to write in print, and unable to read. Continue reading “In Defense of Getting Bored”